The package lib2bib aims to facilitate acknowledging developers of (open-source) software in the #rstats community. Package development and maintenance require effort and time - most contributions are typically unpaid. Hence, some recognition goes a long way. lib2bib allows:

  • identifying all packages used in a directory/project, script or Rmarkdown files,
  • printing them to console (or to a list)
  • writing a .txt or .bib file with the package bibliography

An interactive app via lib_interactive() allows selecting packages for writing to a file.


You can install an early development version of lib2bib from GitHub with:



This is the simple workflow to get your package library going:

libs <- lib_find(path = ".", verbose = TRUE)
# as text
lib_print(libs, textformat = TRUE)
# as bibtex
lib_print(libs, textformat = FALSE)

# to write to a file either
lib_write(libs = libs, 
          append = FALSE, 
          textformat = TRUE)
# or
lib_interactive(libs = libs, textformat = FALSE)


This package is in its very early stages and contributions as well as bug reports are very welcome!